Pereira's city has a high unemployment rate and few opportunities so that the young people has top access to education or skill, even more when the population of our Foundation Enfances 2/32 lives in a high vulnerability level, it is very important for the Foundation, that our young people has opportunities to develop its life projects.

This one in a program who looks that the most ancient young people of the Foundation that have taken successfully the whole process and also they have managed to reach with merits the baccalaureate, they could continue with its professional training process, already is depositing the University or the SENA (National Service of Learning).

Thanks to the support and the agreement of “Protocol“ of International solidarity signed with the Technological University of Pereira from the year 2013, today we have 9 young people being present at its top formation, to whom additionally help is delivered for the payment of its registrations, transport, feeding, useful student between others.


Of equal way, there has been included to the program 10 young people who this year 2014 are studying grade eleven and it is prepared them for itself for the tests of the State of the ICFES.

We aspire to construct a world in which the children, girls and young people develop entirely its human potential and are capable of living through a long and healthy life, with opportunities of learning, of obtaining suitable income and of taking part in social, cultural and political projects. We see the children, and young people as citizens in formation, for whom the participation is translated in a stage of performance and exercise of its rights.

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