Our team

In Enfances 2/32 Foundation  France-Colombia working 36 people, organized in different teams, with different positions and functions:

Founding President: François Mercier

Board of directors: Jesús Calle - Legal representative, Bolivia Chica, Fernando Maldonado, Margarita Calle, Martine Mercier, Leny Johanna Bueno - Auditor, Helmer Ballesteros - Accountant, Amparo Villegas - Executive Director, Maria Isabel Miranda - Psychologist, Gloria Elsy Restrepo - Secretary.

Administration: The administrative and management team consists of: the Board and the Legal Representative, 1 full-time executive director and three part-time administrative professionals, who act as volunteers.

Educacional team: It is comprised ​​up of 11 educators, distributed in different days of care, according to their area of ​​professional expertise; 3 volunteers and a team of 30 monitors, composed of young students Grade 11 Education Center The Julita, who develop the social service at the Foundation.

Technical team: It is composed of two professionals from the fields of psychology and occupational therapy related to part-time Foundation.

Services team: The maintenance and care of the Foundation are run by one person hired and two volunteer mothers.

Workshop team: Rosa Cristina Miranda, Gloria Susana Tobón, María de Jesús Gutiérrez, Diana Carolina Londoño, Liliana Aguirre, Juan Sebastián García,  Luis Fernando Correa, Dolores Cardona, David Bedoya, Jorge López, Miriam Lasso, Vianeth Villegas, Michael Hahn, Helena Villegas, Jimmy Abello.