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The name of the project evokes the freedom, the idea of floating in the wind, the harmony that suggests this contact, it is called that it gives forces and a particular attention to the infancy.

The Foundation from the year 2013 has developing the project Colorful Kites like essential part of the activities of artistic and cultural formation of its programs. This process has been possible thanks to the support of the Municipal Institute of Culture and Promotion to the Tourism of Pereira's city, to the commitment and to the creativity of the persons in charge of workshops, and especially to the creative activity of the children.

Along the development of this project, they have reflecting across its texts, its paintings, its dances, and its exhibitions, the considerable progress that they did in the development of its expressive, communication, esthetic and intellectual capacities.

Painting: As part of the process the children and adolescents of the Foundation have taken the workshops in different skills, which has allowed them to realize 5 exhibitions of its works.

Music: This workshop is a space where the children contact the music and the interpretation of different instruments by means of the game. Until now they have realized 5 public concerts in different stages of the city.

Theater: The adolescents of the Foundation created two arguments for the theater one of them “Fragments of the paradise”.

Literature: More than 90 workshops have been realized by different methodology, this process offered to the children a wide panorama of literature, with which they learned to write not only but have pleasure in writing, integrating the skill, style and the different genres.