According to the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child, rights of participation are needed to grow as a person, are considered voluntary but require personal initiative, should be active. These rights in the Convention are of opinion, freedom of expression, thought, conscience and religion, freedom of association, protection of privacy and the right to adequate information. The foundation guarantees these rights to motivating and offering children a space of expression and opinion.

Sensitization: Organized actions and campaigns to denounce practices which violate the rights of children. In the same vein, we join efforts to support the fight against poverty, respect for human rights respect for difference, solidarity and equality of opportunity. We actively participate in the following initiatives:
The Mobilization for Social PactIn Pereira is brewing social change model which aims to transform society in the next 20 years. The project, which bears the name Social Mobilization was created in response to the profound social debt that has been experiencing the Department of Risaralda in the last two decades.
Committee on Elimination of Child Labour: During 2011 the Foundation became part of the Committee for the Eradication of Child Labor in partnership with other organizations and institutions of the city in order to visualize, report and eliminate child labor in its different facets (work , sexual, etc..). Recall that Pereira is a city in which the sexual exploitation of children has increased very significantly in recent years. That's why the Foundation has joined this cause, linking the fight against child exploitation with its strategic goals and making alliances with institutions that serve the same purpose.
Awareness workshops and talks:Permanently we promote visibility spaces at municipal, regional, national and international, to publicize our work, while we aim at sensitizing more people and organizations that can support and strengthen our cause. Also participate in academic and training spaces in which we deepen the analysis of concrete realities that complement our work and interact with clusters from intervention or research initiatives that allow us to access other understandings of the issues we address. So that these activities comply with a dual goal: to educate and sensitize the community to assume more social responsibility conviction they have against the problems that constitute our mission objective.
La Cuadra: The first Thursday of every month people Pereira holds an encounter with art and culture. At nightfall, adolescents, youth and adults are received hugs full of music, literature, painting, sculpture, dance, theater and photography. There is food, joy and friendship. It is "La Cuadra, workshops open" a space created in March 2000, by four artist friends who keep their building workshops in two blocks long, beneath Circumambulating Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets.

 As usual La Cuadra invite children from the Foundation to show their work, the exhibition "The world through my eyes" a manifestation of the way they see the world.
Participation in UNESCO painting competitions
Peace Poster: Each year, Lions clubs around the world are pleased to sponsor the "Contest Lions International Peace Poster" between schools and youth groups in their cities. This contest is a means through which the youth of the world can express their interpretation of the concept of peace in a very personal way. During the past 20 years, more than four million children from nearly 100 countries have participated in the contest.
This year 15 children in the Foundation participated in this important event, with children in schools and colleges of the city, was won in the city's Jeferson Marin chidl of Foundation.
Using media:No doubt the media have now a very important role in promoting the processes and achievements of any institution. In this sense, we wanted to harness the power of the web to access a wider audience, publicize our activities faster, find new partners and achieve synergies to take forward various projects.