The health education is a key to individual and social development among the priorities of the Foundation is to enable girls and children incorporate essential rules to develop a healthy lifestyle with a high level of autonomy, which is reflected in the way will take her food, hygiene, physical and emotional health, drug prevention, traffic behavior, emotional and sexual education, prevention of diseases such as AIDS, drugs, combating gender violence, abuse , abuse, among others.
Within this framework, the Foundation has developed the following activities:
Feeding: Malnutrition is a common problem among children in the city of Pereira. In some cases economic insecurity and the absence in other health and nutritional habits that will allow families to evenly distribute the components of your basket. This project aims to improve the nutritional status of 52 children and 8 adults providing daily food and vitamin supplementation recommended by health professionals, as well as training sessions are held for mothers and children themselves in aspects of lifestyle healthy.
By agreement signed with the mayor of the municipality of Pereira, the Foundation provided 60 lunches daily for 11 months and five days a week, for a total of 3,300 lunches.
Occupational Therapy: The occupational therapy program is aimed at increasing the level of performance of boys and girls. in 2011, 40 children required a clinical intervention. The focus in this field is carried out based on different models of intervention, depending on the needs and expectations of children and their environment (family, school and social).
Psychology: During 2011 the valuation was made of the new cases of children admitted to care programs of the Foundation and were continued processes that had been serving in the program.