Development and Education

We have created a comprehensive program that covers different phases of education from early childhood to the beginning of higher education, ensuring continuity of quality education.

School system is linked to all of the 104 children beneficiaries of the Foundation, taking advantage of the offer of different schools in the city, so that everyone can continue their regulatory studies without any difficulty.

Special support: It aims to prepare, through appropriate educational treatment to all children with a mild deficiency that prevents them from fully incorporating the social and educational life..

Pedagogical support: Given that for the development of the individual is necessary, in addition to participation in the formal system of education, ensuring environmental conditions for this process to be transformative. In this sense, this project seeks to support, with teaching strategies and educational resources, processes that fail to develop children and youth in their respective educational institutions. According to the identified needs, children participate booster workshops, tutorials, and accompanying supplementary programs in which, moreover, are linked to parents as key players in promoting the process of their children.
Early Childhood CareServes children from 2 years old through a readiness and socialization program that enables them to face, without any trauma, educational level with which initiated its relationship to the formal education. Additionally, the benefit of this project children received daily a nutritional supplement and hygiene control, which in most cases extends to their families.

But know what art is: a path to freedom. We are all born in chains. An occasional forget their chains: we want to break the ..."

(Rainer María Rilke, Journal of Youth)

Aware of the importance for the human recognition of their talents, and enhancement of their skills, the Foundation has organized a complementary program of awareness and training in the arts, which covers music, art, theater, literature and dance.

With these initiatives project seeks to support and strengthen the learning processes of children stimulating contact with forms of art and culture, allowing them, in addition to strengthening its relationship with the environment, develop motor skills related to the spatiotemporal location, pace, channeling emotions, managing abstraction, interaction with the signs, reading the symbolic and the imaginary enrichment. This proposal is one of the more assertive initiatives of the Foundation, as it contributes to the integral and emotional development of children and youth, and helps to diminish the impact of the critical factors in this population, as the displacement, low quality of life, family conflicts, the limited support of parents, poor family communication, among others.
Aesthetics plays a vital role in the life of human beings to the extent that shapes the way we build the bond with the things of the world. Next to other skills such as language and enabling technology, aesthetic understanding helps children and young people reach their environment, is always mediated by a considerate to others. This undoubtedly is a key factor to achieve transform violence scenarios, which traditionally operates the beneficiaries of the Foundation, for human contexts, interaction, learning and solidarity.
Theatre, Painting, Literature, Knowledge sharing, Taekwondo, Recreation.

Playing rugby: The Foundation began in November 2010 draft Rugby training with male and female teams, child and youth, this new project for the Foundation is run by players and the captain of the rugby team of the department of Risaralda..

The project aims to:

Increase the interest of young people in the sport.
Improve integration between
whether the community.
Promote the
proper use of leisure time.
the values ​​of participation, solidarity and competition.


The interest in the Risaralda Rugby league is the promotion and popularization of this sport, expanding the opportunities and experiences of young people. Importantly, it is recognized that rugby allows everyone to practice, regardless of age, build, or sex, the key to the game is the respect for opponents.

Currently we are looking for companies or individuals interested in sponsoring the Foundation teams in a new activity that has already well received in our community.
Youth for Pereira:This project is the basis for providing the opportunity for young people to believe in the city, to know, to belong and to give back to her, for this purpose are proposed different phases of creation and start-up, being open to constructive criticism for modification.
Creative Holidays:The recreational holiday workshop is designed to answer a need for comprehensive education and recreation for children and youth and the use of leisure time. Motivating children to continue learning throughout their vacation, so essentially playful and creative, through a series of activities which enable them to develop skills, abilities and knowledge generate positive personal and social level.