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“Flying Together” itis the project for children and girls in condition of disability that does part of the program of the Foundation Enfances 232 France Colombia of integral attention for children, girls and young people in situation of vulnerability, which for 12 years there has realizing in Pereira's city, Colombia, which he benefits to 230 children and girls. 

Given the impact of this program, the families with children in disability situation, have begun demanding the attention of the Foundation, which has led us to raising an enclosing program that he benefits to this population; at present 37 children and girls are attended with disability: physical, sensory, intellectual and mental, what he has benefited to the children and its families, which until now had not being attended in any program, due to the lack of resources of the families and the low offer of programs for this population.

The Flying project together is an art education program inclusion and rehabilitation; for 37 children with disabilities, has three areas of intervention: artistic, inclusive and (physical and occupational) therapy that seeks to develop and maintain the necessary for students to develop their abilities and conditions.

The workshops are given four times a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The groups will be comprised of a maximum of 10 children and youth each workshop is guided by a professional in the area (music, visual arts and dance), two monitors that accompany the process to children or youth (material handling and mobility).


Once a week the children have the guidance of therapists (physical and occupational); these therapists, also once a month, offer support and guidance to families. And according to the individual needs of children and young people are assessed or treated by medical professionals in different areas.

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