Godparent Plan

We aspire to build a world in which children develop their full human potential and are able to live a long and healthy life, conoportunidades to learn, earning adecuadosy participate in social, cultural and political .
We see children as citizens in training, for whom participation translates into a scenario deactuación and exercise of their rights.

A sponsorship is a moral and financial commitment that is acquired by sponsoring a child by donating 12,oo (or US$15,oo ) per month, which are intended for education, health and nutrition.

As Godparent you can:

Receive a quarterly report on the progress and achievements of boys and girls who sponsors.

Correspond with the child or the child who benefits from your donation.

Receive a certificate of donation, so that this value can be deducted from your taxes.

If you want to accompany us in this generous work follow these steps:

1. Register in our database by clicking the following button

I want to register as a Godparent

2. As soon receive your help request, will enable your page to make a donation, which will tell you with a message to your Email registered.

3. f you want to sponsor a child or a child especially, visit "Infants without patronage" and notes his name.

4. Make the donation you wish.

The children ENFANCES 2/32 FOUNDATION thank you for your solidarity.