Letters on the table


A stage lives through Colombia of post conflict in which it is necessary to construct patterns of coexistence and confidence that prevent the reproduction of new forms of violence. The construction of a sustainable and lasting peace will not be possible without a change of imaginary. Between the priorities there is to disarm the polarization that has been generated because of the conflict and to modify the culture of the hate, the revenge and the denial of other, to give place to practices that re-mean the respect, the pardon and the confidence.

With this reconciliatory intention we want to do a very special invitation to you. We want that you write to us letters: letters on the respect, the tolerance, the brotherhood, the meeting in the difference, the pardon, on how seeing other and other one as you are equal, anyway, on the sense that there contain all those actions that make the life viable and sustainable in community. We know that we need to change the language to change the reality, that's why we come to the word to load with sense this moment. There can be letters thinking about someone in particular, letters to the society in general, the children and the girls, the women or the men who have been victims or killers, to the persons who belonged to some armed group and today they look for a space in the new society that we want to construct, or to these persons who for some circumstance have turned out to be affected by the violence of so many years and today they feel expectant before the negotiated end of the conflict …

The letters can be written in any language, must be signed and indicate the origin place. On having sent them, you authorize us to publish them and to use them in our activities of formation and accompaniment to transition processes. In the beginning, we will use someone in the exhibition of «The Block of the Conciliation» that will take place on Thursday, the 3rd of May 2018 in the space of The Block Workshops Opened in Pereira, Colombia; later, with a selection of them we will publish the 3rd edition of the book Letters on the table and the others we will publish them in our web site.

The letters can be sent until April 30, 2018 to the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We hope that this proposal should motivate many persons of the whole world, so that we could receive many letters that help to cure the collective wounds of the Colombians.

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